Fox Just Dumped Trump

Fox News Has Started Simply Ignoring Entire Trump Speeches

Dr. Rayan Aava🇺🇦🇺🇸


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As we all know, Rupert Murdoch remains a very powerful owner of the largest mainstream conservative media empire Fox News. And recently, Fox News has started simply ignoring entire Trump speeches. Murdoch outlets say he’s unworthy to be president again. Then you have someone like Karl Rove, who used to be the kind of center right leader of the republican Bush party, write, in of all places, Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal that Trump is hoarding millions of dollars from republican donors, and he’s not helping other Republicans.

He says:

“Donors might not keep giving candidates; might start to wonder how strong an ally Trump really is”

And then there’s a shot at the discredited claims about the 2020 election it may all sound standard, and like a low bar, but you don’t usually hear that from conservative Republicans in a conservative political outlet, like the editorial side of the Wall Street Journal.

Now, Trump was giving that primetime rally in Arizona on Friday; the Fox News evening lineup did not take it live, instead they brought on Ron De Santis, calling him “the man of the moment.”

This is while the disgraced former president and self-proclaimed head of the party is giving a speech simultaneously. Everyone in politics understands what’s going on here; they ignore the rally, and gave 13 minutes to De Santis. I’m certain that some at Fox are worried about what Trump might do. Trump went after the Fox and Friends hosts accusing them of going to the “dark side” after they mentioned the factual matter that he is sagging in some republican primary polls.

And then you get his uncomfortable moment where one host mentioned the polling that 75% of Democrats want somebody else, while 55% of Republicans or people leaning republican want somebody other than Donald Trump to run, which is up 6% from their earlier poll.

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