NRA: Democracy Does Not Apply to Us

Because We Have The GOP in Our Pockets

Dr. Rayan Aava🇺🇦🇺🇸
5 min readJun 5, 2022


President Donald Trump shakes hands with NRA Executive Vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre, at the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association on April 26, 2019, in Indianapolis. The NRA is going ahead with its annual meeting in Houston just days after the shooting massacre at a Texas elementary school. Evan Vucci/AP

Amid a national outcry for stricter gun safety measures to stop America’s plague of mass shootings, pro-gun politicians, who refuse to take action, are pitching an insane alternative. Instead of getting rid of guns, they want to get rid of doors.

This should be blindingly obvious to anyone with clear eyes and conscience, but America has more mass shootings than any peer nation in the world because we have more guns than any other peer nation in the world. Study after study, after study, has proven that, although I’m not sure we need a study to confirm what we could all see with our own eyes. It’s common sense — common sense to everyone, apparently, except for the craven ghouls who refused to even acknowledge America’s gun crisis.

Those guys have a different idea for stopping mass shootings — just get rid of doors.

Dan Patrick, the Republican Lieutenant Governor of Texas, said:

“We have to harden these targets so no one can get in ever except through one entrance. Maybe that would help. Maybe that would stop someone.”

And the pathetic coward Ivy Leaguer, Senator Ted Cruz, went on Fox News to babble:

“One of the things that everyone agreed is don’t have all of these unlocked back doors, have one door into and out of the school, and have that one door armed police officers at that door”

This is what you get from pay-to-play sleazy politicians such as Ted Cruz — I’m sorry you don’t want gun control but you want door control? Are you are Insane? No, he is not. He is simply paid better by the NRA.

Maybe run this idea by a fire marshal first and see what they have to say about it? Because famously nothing bad has ever happened when there’s only one way in and one way out of a crowded building. Can you imagine what would happen if someone in an office, say, with only one door yelled “fire”?

These aren’t serious ideas. They’re pathetic excuses from the most depraved people in our politics who would rather do the bidding of powerful forces like the NRA than do anything to stop these massacres from happening. In fact, Cruz and Donald Trump, among others, still attended to address an…



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