President Biden: For God’s Sake, This Guy Cannot Remain in Power

Ukraine; World’s Best Hope Against The Global Tide of Authoritarianism and Dictatorship

Dr. Rayan Aava🇺🇦🇺🇸


Photo Credit: India Today

President Joe Biden spoke at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, on March 24th, 2022. In his remarks, President Biden said:

“For God’s sake, this guy cannot remain in power.”

He referred to Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator, who many believe to be a war criminal. For a moment, I celebrated his words in my heart. The leader of the free world was, at last, speaking the word any decent human being wanted him to say about an imperialistic death spot.

It is true that the United States government, on paper, has a policy of not interfering in other countries affairs, including regime changes, but let us face it, America does not do this well anyway. This idea of getting involved in saving civilian populations; we did it entirely the wrong way in Iraq and embarrassed ourselves in Afghanistan. Despite our red lines, Syria stays a broken state, supported by Iran and Russia, with most of the population in exile.

As I wrote in my latest piece, democracy in the world is typically measured by how well a country stacks up against the following five core measures:

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Association and Assembly

Judicial Independence

Effective Parliament

Media Integrity

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance asserts that the number of countries moving in an authoritarian direction in 2020 outnumbered those going in a democratic direction.

The Rohingya in Myanmar continue to be persecuted by the majority. The Indian government persists in crackdown on the freedoms of the Muslims in Kashmir. The Uighur Muslims of western China got coerced by the government into so-called reeducation, inhumane labor concentration camps where forced cultural assimilation and even sexual assault often occur. The citizens of Hong Kong continue to lose more of their western-style freedoms daily, and the people of Taiwan are watching their skies for the Chinese jets they soon expect to…



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